Back in elementary school a ‘scientific theory’ hit the playground that blew my mind: if every person in China jumped at the same time…
federal "disinformation board" falls apart, chief censor nina jankowicz resigns, and what the hell is going on at the washington post (cont'd)
for us to solve the challenges ahead, there needs to be an "us"
a san francisco voting guide for people who aren’t insane
pirate wires #69 // all-out partisan war on musk, the washington post's hunter biden laptop fiasco, and journos please stop tweeting (that's an order)
the power class claims musk is a supervillain. the truth is simpler: he wants free speech. they don't.
pirate wires #68 // the rise of "moderate" political censorship, "astonishing individual freedom," and nourishing the soul's desire
pirate wires #67 // elon musk vs. team censorship, bird king bromance, and the future of twitter
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