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If you made it this far, you probably already know who I am — the disembodied Ulysses S. Grant guy who can’t shut up on Twitter. You maybe even know I’m a billionaire media mogul, and the former mayor of San Francisco (one of these things is true). If you’ve dug in particularly deep, you know I’m a writer who loves a good story. I’ve been working in tech for over ten years, and living on the internet for most of my life. I have opinions. I have a team. My team has opinions.

Welcome to Pirate Wires.

We publish 5+ pieces per week, across several different newsletters, focused on the intersection of technology, politics, and culture. I write a feature every two weeks myself (here at “Pirate Wires”), and between contributors and staff writers we’re up to a couple new pieces on top of that every week, with bonus features every month or so, open threads, and special events. I also run our weekly tech digest over at the Industry, where we concentrate a little further on the tech industry. Finally, for techno-utopia all day, check out the White Pill.

We lock pretty much everything we publish to paying subscribers after 24-48 hours, but most of what we listed above we’ll share to your inbox, for free, with a free subscription. Which like honestly what are you waiting for?

Now, for the especially invested, for the brave and the dauntless, for the egirls and gentlemen of substance and taste (and access to an expense account) there is the paid subscription to consider.

For eight bucks a month, you’ll receive everything above as well as: all of our weekly contributed pieces, including every piece of commentary and reporting from our staff writers and editors, my full library of work (currently locked), access to our unhinged comments section, monthly subscriber-only open threads, and — with an announcement coming soon — entry to subscriber-only events.

I suppose high-level the purpose of Pirate Wires is to simply be the media hangout I always wish existed. I have found, over the last two years slowly bringing this company to life, many of you share a similar impulse toward the truth. Like me, you appreciate sober thinking, but hate pretension. You want the world to be a better place, but you also have a nose for drama, let’s be honest, and you’ve never met a conspiracy theory you weren’t interested in. You acknowledge everyone is biased, including especially the people who insist they have no bias, but also including yourself. It’s just your bias is better.

Am I getting warmer?

Welcome home.


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Mike Solana 

billionaire media tycoon and mayor of san francisco. vp @foundersfund. ringleader @hereticon. editor-in-chief @piratewires 🏴‍☠️

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