pirate wires #85 // summary and analysis of the twitter files, a dangerous alliance of powers, and technology's nature brings the industry home
from overnight social media fame to sugar-baby side hustles, america's elite young women are changing the rules of sex and class
detailing the Biden Admin's coordinated, ongoing effort across virtually every US financial regulator to deny crypto firms access to banking services
pirate wires #23 // san francisco techxodus (fact vs. twitter), strip mining palo alto for silicon (i guess), anatomy of a city hall disaster, and fight…
we fixed the difficult-to-read text screenshots and embedded all the tweets in order—read it from start to finish here
six weeks later, operation chokepoint 2.0 has brought crypto to its knees… along with america’s entire financial system
we've all reacted to the AI porn that portrays people who don’t actually exist. but what would your reaction be if the face on the fake porn was yours?
40% of Americans are obese, 71.6% of adults over 20 are overweight, and and for the first time in decades, life expectancy is falling due to chronic…
pirate wires #69 // all-out partisan war on musk, the washington post's hunter biden laptop fiasco, and journos please stop tweeting (that's an order)
pirate wires #89 // twitter cracks reveal a vibe shift, #metoo v. a kindly juiced up god of gym bro justice, media moves, low interest rate phenomena…
the untold story of pious vegan ideologues, militant activists, and raw milk maxxers in a battle for the soul of america
pirate wires #81 // it’s all happening