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This post deeply inspired me. America is still on its ascent. Haters will hate. Sleepers will sleep. Nihilists will self destruct. But those who have the will to survive will survive and inherit this great nation. My children will inherit the indomitable spirit that propels America to achievements that seem like clarke-tech to our ancestors.

The silver lining of a shrinking, oikophobic population is that only those with the will the live will inherit the earth. Its nihilists versus civilizationalists. I’ll continue to do the hard work of civilization building, even in my meager modest way

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"Trump and Bernie rode the same, hugely-popular wave to political fame, and it wasn’t optimism: wages are stagnant, the cost of living has skyrocketed, and the middle class is eroding."


But Trump's optimism (especially about individual capability - and VALUE) differs from Bernie's pinched and jealous vision of our lives. Trump does not despise achievement. Bernie worships misery.

Elon Musk as D. D. Harriman. Heinlien’s vision was not dark enough. And neither was Ayn Rand’s.

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How can we get more people looking up from there phones, to the stars?

How about linking sci-fi media, like new Dune movie, to real life Space adventures, heroes, missions, engineering. Also tell people they will achieve are greatness!

I say to young women friends, WOW will be a great mother!! They've never heard that before and it means the world. It contributed to a baby being born. More on the way!

We ought to spread the word that we WILL carry lights of Life, through Space, Earth, Mars, and elsewhere. Not maybe.... WE WILL. Or we die trying.

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