So, these people can't put a dirt road through a space to get to a hospital, but there are already dirt roads being used by the government? Sounds completely reasonable. 🙄😠

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Grew up in a logging town in the Pacific Northwest. Every man in my family basically lived off the timber industry. All us kids would go out and plant new trees on Arbor Day like it was an actual holiday. Whole world shut down when the spotted owl stuff happened. No matter how over simplified or deluded the crazy environmentalists just kept winning. Not even the ones where you’re like “you know that makes sense, fair enough.” Just bugfuck nuts people who prefer a world in which no one does anything useful. That’s when I first realized the feelings of some rich lady in New York had enormous power over my life.

Everyone was out of work. Teen pregnancy shot up. Girls I went to school with became prostitutes in middle school. Schizo homeless people were everywhere.

I would beat every single one of these birds to death with a hammer to save the life of one criminal from that village.

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The Aleuts were blocked from getting their road to virtue signal to the environmentalists. The oil deal is the same but here they’re signaling to the independent voter. They want to get past the next election.

Biden and everyone knows it won’t be built either. Blocked in court long enough to be cancelled later on.

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Democrats are masters at harming people they claim to help. The propaganda is so good that those groups keep voting for them. 12 of the top 50 most dangerous cities in the world are democrat run: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-visit-karenland-fupaz-part-e69

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What always, ALWAYS, frustrates me in the articles like this:

18 people died because of the "environmentalists" resistance. Do these "environmentalists" have names? Where are they, why they are not listed along with the eloquent description of their crime? Even if it's not the crime by law it's still a moral turpitude. Spitting in the face is also not an aggravated assault, just saying.

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We can’t be trusted to rule ourselves and instead have to rely on fucks like Biden and Haaland?


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