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Well-written as always. River, Have you seen the NY Post article about Lady Gaga's father lamenting the migrant's disruptive effects on his restaurant? The circles he talks (priorities he's caught between) are fascinating. As you highlighted, so many of these liberal policies can exist only in the ether; everyone is generous and benevolent as long as the consequences of their policies function, in effect, similar to that of a restraining order: 100 yards away at all time. Curious how, once they start getting touched by the policies they implement, the tone changes. One of the great downsides of "American Democracy": to keep our hands clean - everything is always "someone else's problem." That level of righteousness is an undiscussed luxury.

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Was on the fence about bussing when I first heard about it as it seemed cruel, but now I’m in full support of allowing people to live their values and prove out their beliefs.

I think it’s really great if someone is able to help somebody from another country get established and become a citizen. If that had happened at Martha’s Vineyard I would have been genuinely touched.

I don’t think that will happen, that is ludicrous to assume such a thing could scale, but if people want to vote as if they would do such a thing then let them have the opportunity. When that doesn’t work the whole polity of the US will have to come to some sensible agreement of what we are able and willing to support.

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So let me get this straight... the federal government is going to make it “illegal” for people in the country “illegally” to travel out of Texas? This real life Spider-Man meme shit is just infuriating and I hate to see human beings used as props but here we are. There is just no way anyone is going to follow any edict coming out of DC here...

Also- I demand to know why this wasn’t emailed!

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