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I wish the best for Philly. What the city is going through is horrible to see. Thank you for presenting it as reasonable for Philly to want Krasner and police reform along with Parker and tough on crime. It’s been maddening to watch corporate duopoly candidates and msm divide the public over what should be a honest common denominator position.

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I think your pro-police, pro-Krasner assessment of Parker's supporters is exactly right. There are plenty of reasons to want our current mayor out, but the biggest, IMO, is his complete failure to even attempt to resolve the cops-vs-DA impasse. I'm happier and happier with Parker's win every day.

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Isn't it a lot simpler to just recognize that Parker and Krasner are the Democratic machine candidates in Philadelphia and so they won, rather than coming up with some convoluted narrative where low-information voters who are too busy scraping a living in a violent, broken city carefully weighed the chances of the local gangbanger getting arrested versus some corrupt cop getting prosecuted and then came up with the exact precise combination of candidates which probably will fail to accomplish either?

The 13% or whatever turnout which actually shows up for primaries, regardless of the color of their skin, will obediently vote -- or at least enough of them will -- for whoever is placed in front of them, and so that's who gets into office. It could be Malcolm X or it could be Jefferson Davis, doesn't matter. Simple as that.

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