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If more young people had kids they had to worry about none of this shit would be happening.

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Either the pasta is a gift from the aliens, or it is an opening salvo designed to take out the gluten-intolerant. We must be very careful in these precarious early moments of interspecies communication.

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I pick chaos, violence, and vigilantism

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None of the gamers on twitch or the YouTubers I watch are going on strike so I'm not sure I'll notice.

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Shoplifting is obviously our New Normal, nothing to see here y'all, go whistling your merry way 😶

To help cope, Charles Haywood of The Worthy House hands out a daring hope ↓↓

🗨 Brawndo Tyranny [...] is now on life support and will hopefully expire soon if no external aid arrives

...but adulterates it with dire short-term prospect ↓↓

🗨 We are going to have to go backward before we can go forward.

Just so we remain vigilant 😉

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I love a good PMC contradiction: Defunding the police leads directly to private security for their neighborhoods, which is the most Anarchocapitalist thing out there... and yet none of them are capable of “seeing” themselves.

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WRT Shoplifting: will stores become membership, as Costco or Gemco (if you remember that).

WRT City crime: will we revert to old school Bergs, gated cities where only members and invited guests were permitted?

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FB likely pulling news in Canada. . . No surprises here . . . FB has no intention of putting anything on their platform that would reflect negatively. . .

No news needed 🔥

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