knew this weeks pirate wires would bring the heat as always.

1) dorsey probably just gave decentralization tech its biggest tailwind for the decade lol, whats the price of resiliency?

2) the right and left has seemingly flipped positions from the find a different bakery controversy years ago to build your own social platform today. how does one stay logically consistent between supporting private enterprise and their right to refuse business?

However, Building your own internet just to speak online while principled seems extreme and frankly not feasible. also im not a lawyer, but is discriminating based on political beliefs legal, seems it wouldn't be. even if it is legal, not really helping the divide in the country.

3) perhaps it's time for a digital bill of rights

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Tech has always been biased to the Left...but now it's leaning hard and fast and aligning with many of it ideologies. So we have a fully democratic regime for the next couple years, none of whom will feel incentivized to dismantle a key part of its apparatus.

Tech, media, government...all aligned. Of course there are conservative media outlets...but I can't think of any powerful tech companies that "lean right" (as far as I know). Does this mean our path down Leftism is all but assured at this point? And I don't mean getting entrenched in center-left presidents....but a full march towards CCP-style governance. Can anything be done realistically besides "run for your local city council if you want change"?

I'm politically homeless.

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