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After sanders loss is 2016, I've basically signed off of the idea any meaningful candidate can ever buck the system (unless campaign finance reform ever actually happens.).

I'm glad to see reporting on alternatives to the system. Of course she was and will be portrayed as a "crazy" in all MSM publication, but after watching some interviews, I am refreshed at a candidate who can actually form coherent thoughts. (Sad emoji)

Are there any other potential candidates who might run? I've largely dropped out of watching anything and am completely in the dark on this.

Regardless of who runs, having more variety and more choices should be something everyone looks forward to on the election cycles.

Great article as always

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I want her to win, put a giant crystal in the White House lawn, and because she is so nice and pleasant attract nice and competent people to fix many of our flawed systems only for everyone to be sure it was the crystal.

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I love her and this piece. Great work, River.

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