My heart always goes out to gay people when someone starts saying “and then I realized gay people are the same as anyone else and good people with unique character and their own destiny” and everyone gets teary because it’s always a bit magic when someone understands you but then finishes with “and that’s why I think child drag shows are the same as ballet and maybe age of consent laws are wrong” and you have to wake up from the spell of being understood to realize that only like eight people in all of America are capable of principled thought and that they all have different principles.

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I’ve got something called “The Straight Test” where I ask myself, if straight people where doing this, would it be okay?

Reading children stories to children dressed like a Princess?

If straight people did that it would be okay. I mean, Disney has princesses doing pretty much that in their parks.

Reading children stories to children dressed like a stripper and/or in BDSM gear?

I don’t think if straight people did that it would be okay.

Taking your child to a “Gentlemen’s Nightclub” with scantily clad women gyrating on stage?

If straight people did that it would not be okay.

The problem is that there are different styles of drag and some are more sexual than others.

Pageant drag is not very difficult from Straight Beauty Pageants that seem to be oh so popular in the south.

Straight children participating in Beauty Pageants is fine.

Gay children of any gender participating in Beauty Pageant Drag is fine too. It’s not a sexualized activity.

I like RuPaul’s drag show and have been watching it since season 4.

But that show is not a children’s show.

The problem that the Gay community has blindly walked into is that they have allowed the line between sexualized drag and non-sexualized drag to be morally blurred. Additionally the line between romantic gay relationships and sexual gay relationships has also been blurred. This blurring of lines has now been weaponized by the Right against LGBTQ, and the normies are joining them because they are also having a hard time seeing where the sex/no-sex line for drag and Gay is. That line needs to be obvious, distinct, and unambiguous if the LGBTQ community wants to defend itself against allegations of grooming. Because, well, blurring lines of what’s appropriate and not appropriate in the minds of children is exactly what Pedos do regardless of their orientation.

Being Gay is more than just gay sex.

When I attend a Pride parade more and more I see less gay couples. The parades become less about Gay Love and more about Gay Lust. Divorce rates are rising for Gay people too as more and more partners cheat on each other or the relationship falls apart when one partner wants to ‘open up’ the relationship to a third.

Hookup culture, addiction to porn, infidelity, domestic abuse, and the previously mentioned rising divorce rates are not problems mutually exclusively to straight people.

What was the point of the struggle for Gay Marriage that elderly Gays fought and sometimes died for when the younger Gays just spend all day on Grindr? Not to mention the issues of sexism and racism within the community itself.

But I’m just a straight white male. Ultimately these are problems and questions that only the Gay community can solve, and if they don’t, these issues will be wielded against them.

Life has an easily provided meaning when you’re oppressed. The meaning of life when you’re oppressed is to organize, resist, fight, and break free of your oppression. But once you’re free...what’s the meaning of life then? Everyone has their own and the alliance you formed to resist together is suddenly no longer as

United as you thought it was.

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