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Mar 1, 2023

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Hostile Environment: Tech’s DEI Disaster

an exploration of the unhinged workplace culture gripping the halls of our country’s most important companies

Image: Ted Eytan

Transmaxxing: the Incel-To-Transwoman Pipeline

why a community of depressed young men with nothing to lose is convinced the only way out of their misery is gender transition

NIH-Funded "Food Pyramid" Rates Lucky Charms Healthier Than Steak

40% of Americans are obese, 71.6% of adults over 20 are overweight, and for the first time in decades, life expectancy is falling due to chronic illness. wtf is going on?

Tech Civil War

legendary media meltdown the night that twitter died (it didn't die), the girl who cried stochastic terrorism, and titans of tech at war

The Kia Boy Crime Wave

kids are stealing cars in historic numbers, bragging about it online, and taunting their victims. the police are basically helpless.

Choose Good Quests

ready player one. what did you get done this week?