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The gender critical view is that “gender identity” is a made up concept about which absolutely nothing is “innate” whereas “sex” describes what someone is in material reality, more specifically “sex” describes the type of gametes around whose production a person’s body is organized with males having bodies organized around the production of small, mobile gametes and females having bodies organized around the production of large, immobile gametes.

The idea that “gender identity is innate” is diametrically opposed to the “gender-critical attitude”

Someone who believes “gender identity” is innate by definition is not “gender critical”.

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Starting 2023 off with a banger. How much of this phenomenon is driven by straight white men finding a way to get in on the intersectional Victimhood ladder? Strong men create good times, good times create trans men, trans men no longer procreate...

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This is a good microcosm of why #transwomenarewomen / #youarevalid as a panacea really concerns me.

Some gendercrits opine that transwomen are actually just self loathing gay men who need the artifice of 'dressing up as a woman' to be okay with it. They will undoubtedly be quoting this piece as proof of that thesis, as well as proof of the inherent misogyny involved in incels claiming womanhood.

Maybe a little bit of gatekeeping is Good, Actually?

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Isn't transitioning primarily a technological issue, like all the other cosmetic surgeries that we once thought were too dangerous or too permanent? Sex ratio in humans might eventually become a dynamic equilibrium after all the messy operational stuff is sorted out.

Fish already rationally transition according to market pressures:


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Wish I could give out a lot of hugs and a lot of kindness and ears to a lot of people in this story.

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Another terrifying, but important challenge to take on especially as it comes to parenting and self-identity. It's fascinating to read the details on how a community like this grows, but scary in its implications.

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Utterly fascinating article.

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