Let me know how you guys feel about this format. The lead story — what length is preferable? The links — which subjects are best? I played with the display this week, and have been tweaking for a couple weeks now. What format is most enjoyable for you? What would you like to see more of, or less of?

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My two cents...I think the straight news on major stories (like the Neely story) is not as much in Pirate Wires wheelhouse unless PW adds a new cultural/technology angle to it. Otherwise, I've likely seen the nuts-and-bolts commentary in a bunch of other places for something with this much buzz. A brief blurb, as you did for the Durham Report, would have sufficed.

Leading with PW original content would be the best way to kick off the newsletter (the Grimes interview was fascinating).

Other than that, the format is excellent.

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Loved most of this content, but Trevor Jacob is not “a very cool guy.” He is a self-promoting drama queen who staged a dangerous and deeply stupid stunt for money, and told laughably lame lies about it for 18 months. The general aviation community, of which I am a part as both pilot and instructor, is under constant threat from an ignorant public and spineless bureaucrats who think flying is dangerous, environmentally harmful, and the playground of rich elites. Horseshit stunts like bailing out of an airworthy plane and filming it for clicks do nothing but feed that Luddite impulse. If the FAA permanently yanks that moron’s ticket it will be the first action they’ve taken in 20 years that I agree with.

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And so Missouri becomes the champion of women's rights. I think the irony will be lost to the Left.

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OT, and it's you who made me do this to you 😝 Paywalled White Pill won’t allow freeloaders into its sacred quarters... So.

💬 If a passenger plane wanted to fly over it [ie Olympus Mons], it would have to fly higher than the International Space Station’s orbit around earth.

↑↑ Is it a sneaky test for how attentively we read? 😏 Afaik, planes use to fly over height, not diameter.

www.piratewires.com/i/120851609/space-and-astronomy (at the very end of rubric, just above the gorgeous pic 👌)

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> In a dramatic departure from earlier neutral reporting, and despite the furious rebuttal of their typically sheep-like comment section, the New York Times

Please tell me this was meant to be sarcasm.

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Re: Neely/Penny, Prosecution does not equate to conviction. the reasonable doubt premise is far less onerous for the DA than conviction by a jury.

If anything, I’d much rather a DA place more of these murky cases in the hands of a “jury of peers” than serve as judge and jury themselves.

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