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Wow. The cultural 'Jolly Roger' needs to be hoisted as a signal that the creatives (makers of things) need to re-take the lead.

What we are seeing go down in Twitter is merely only one example of what is happening in every established company in the US. It's also leaked into the "start-up" sector as well.

This middle management / email class / laptop class bloat has got to come to and end. These people are a like a locust hoard flocking from one innovative venture to another only to leave it in utter shambles. All the while, they are giving TEDx talks, creating 'thought boi' threads on LinkedIn & Twitter, creating TikToks of "life in the day of" as they spout the narrative "I'm killing it. Look at me". Meanwhile, they don't know how to make anything other than the walls around their little fiefdom.

Sorry if I seem so passionate, but man this stuff drives me crazy. The "adults" definitely need to be back in charge. If we as a society are to progress forward, we need some "Dad's Home" energy asap.

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I felt like puking when I saw they didn’t even have a test environment.

No wonder they’ve been afraid to change anything for years. That’s not going to be an easy fix and it’s going to be a big expensive sink that will have no immediate visible benefits to users.

Praying for Elon to whatever gods are listening.

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This is the FTX of systems management. There is no way this was not widely known in certain circles. Successful teenage hackers have big mouths. The thousands of more sophisticated hackers talk between themselves, a lot. One thing about this story doesn't seem accurate, the idea that a team of crack engineers could prevent total loss from an all-out attack while Twitter was still up and running. The only way to stop such an attack is to unplug the box, hang up a "closed for repairs" sign, and try to recover the good code and data in total isolation. But still, this really is a much bigger story than the Yoel Roth burgers we have been fed. Good work!

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Seems like a prime case of the divergence of intelligence, common sense, and smart.

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Can’t read it! It says there’s a “server error” 😳😩

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Hmm...I can read it...might be a transient issue. Try again.

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