Beautiful piece! And for anyone so on the fence about having kids a comment is going to push you over the edge, my wife and I had our first about four months ago. Best experience of both our lives and eager to have some more. It also gives you a real kick in the ass about what’s important and how you should be spending your time.

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May 13, 2022Liked by Ryan McEntush, Mike Solana

Mike, Wow. What a great choice for a guest editorial. I have heard rumblings about this all but have never seen it so well illustrated and discussed. The graphics make the severity of the situation clear. I have always been an anti-Malthusian, but this problem does not solve itself the same way. Much about which to think here. Many thanks.

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Thanks Mike, very interesting.

As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think about my experience visiting Israel only a week ago, where I spent ten days touring the country. I pictured the Israeli graph in my mind as I was reading and sure enough, it was included and the perfect pyramid that I expected. This is no surprise to me, as Israel is a country with a mission and a people that are extremely nationalist and religious.

Secularism, coupled with a migration to the cities is why I believe this happening. The focus on me and not we permeates our society today. Where gratitude is lacking and resentment is rampant. Why in the face of this would people want to procreate ?

The social security system in the US will fall apart in the coming years because of this very problem, population decline.

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Very interesting. Gotta go make a baby.

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