Sitemap - 2023 - Pirate Wires

Open Borders for Thee, Not for Me

Rage Against the Wooden Man

CA Senate Appropriations Approves Ban on Self-Driving Trucks for the Rest of Decade

Doom Loop

The Costs Of Europe's GDPR Regime

China’s U.S. Stamp Tax, Scammers Take America

Peter Thiel: The Diversity Myth, A Retrospective

San Francisco's Homeless Ticking Time Bomb

Miami's Red Mirage

A Tale of Two Karens

The Burning of America's Library

Labor’s Shadow War With Self-Driving Cars

State of the Union

Ben and Jerry’s Lifestyle

A Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Conversation

The Cyborgian Denizens of DIDTok

Media Malfeasance on the Metaverse

Twitter's Final Boss: Zuckerberg Wages War

Hallucinations in AI

The White Pill: Fourth of July Edition (American Stuff Only)

DC’s DEI “Experts” Shaping AI’s Future

Zuck-Elon Updates, TikTok Worries About Disinformation (lol), CA Clown Car

Panic at the Washington Post

The White Pill: The Glint Of Alien Cities


13,000 Feet Below

Bad Week For ESG

Debatable Tactics

The White Pill: The Frontier Is Everywhere

SNAPSHOT: Trump's Boomer Tailgate Army Waits

Gay Arraignment

Eat, Pray, Cringe

Believe All Military Officials

The White Pill: Defeating One of the Worst Cancers


Orange Alert

Mostly Peaceful Aztec Empire

Rocket Man Bad

The White Pill: The NASA UFO Conference

The Boy Who Cried Extinction

Notable Figures In AI Sign Tweet-Length Open Letter Warning Extinction

Brace for Impact

Taylor Swift's Fans Don't Understand Men

The White Pill: Moon Memo

Encyclopedia Titanica

How 'Karen' Became the Most Powerful Slur in America

What Is Airchat, the “Dinner Party in Your Pocket”?

Regulate Me, Daddy

The Black Cleopatra Documentary is Worse Than You Think

The White Pill: No Earth Impacts in the Next 1000 Years

Let's Talk About Glow-in-the-Dark Animals, Plants, and Fungi

The Soros Exception

Philly's Working Class Black Neighborhoods Choose Tough-On-Crime Mayoral Candidate

Sam Altman Suggests AI Licensing Regime In Senate AI Hearing

Trial of the Decade Incoming

Don’t Be a Bigot, It’s “Houseless” Now

The White Pill: F*** Pancreatic Cancer

BASE REALITY: An Interview with Grimes

BASE REALITY: An Interview With Grimes (full audio)

Chicago Serial Killer: Real or Sham?

Good Cop, Bad Cop

What Grimes Is Doing With AI, Explained

The White Pill: What's The Best Place For A Space Colony?

How to Safely Navigate Our Haunted Transsexual Internet

Jordan Neely Wouldn’t Be Dead in a State Hospital

Cultural Appropriation is an American Asset

Let Them Eat Crack

We Don’t Have a Child Labor Problem, We Have an Immigration Problem

The White Pill: A Glimpse of Intelligence As a Commodity

Lemon8 Is for the (Hot, Rich) Girlies

New Media is Dead, Long Live New Media

Catastrophic Bug Affecting Facebook Ads Roils Advertisers

The Strange and Fascinating World of r/meth

First Full-Size, Digital Scan of the Titanic Yields Spectacular Imagery

The White Pill: Science Victory Edition

What's With The Mysterious Green Beams Over Hawaii?

Why Do Women Online Blow Relationship Issues Out Of Proportion?

Even The Politicians Thought the Open Letter Made No Sense In The Senate Hearing on AI

Jeff Jackson, TikTok King

Nuclear Disaster

Pro-partying Group Wins Election at Stanford in Rebuke of Campus Leftists

Against Safetyism

The White Pill, a New Weekly

Respectability Politics Works

Twitter Rolls Out Creator Subscriptions

Reporter Can't Give Example Of "Hateful Speech" After Blaming Elon For It

Substack's Easter Miracle

Speculation That Twitter Disabled Posting, Retweeting Of Substack Links Spreads

Robots are Racist

The TikTok Power Broker Index

Compression Prompts Reveal GPT's "Hidden Languages"

Bomb the Data Centers (Smart People Agree)

University Of California Uses High School Racial Composition For Admissions, Data Suggests

The Battle Over AI Surveillance at the Paris Olympics

"Limited Exceptions" Clause Casts Doubt on TikTok's Project Texas

Twitter Open Sourcing Its Algorithm, Explained

Gaslight: The "Sensitivity Readers" Erasing Western History

With GPT-4, OpenAI Is Deliberately Slow Walking To AGI

"Ja Rule" "Signed" The AI Open Letter Today

Can Section 230 Protect Tech From Social Media Addiction Litigation?

Elon Musk Signs Open Letter To Pause "Giant AI Experiments"

Teen Pokemon Player Disqualified For Offending Nonbinary Pokemon Judge

Tok Blocked

TikTok “For You” Page Flooded With Pro-Chew Content In Wake Of Hearings

Follow the Money: TikTok's Defenders

Biden Admin Sells Out Aleut Village to Save Face Over Oil Deal

Friday Open Thread: Tweets From This Week That Won't Make You Feel Bad

TikTok’s Congressional Disaster

Coinbase "Willing To Do Anything" To Be Regulated By SEC

Did The Government Start A Global Financial Crisis In An Attempt To Destroy Crypto?

The Yaoi To Trans Pipeline

You Can Run Alpaca Locally, Even If You Can't Code

The Tradwife Craze Is About Envy

“Ethics” and “Society”

GPT-4 Prompt Tries To Generate Fundamentally New Knowledge

On Euthanizing Venture Capitalists

GPT Prompt Using 'Token Smuggling' Really Does Jailbreak GPT-4

The Culture Wars Go In One Direction: Around In A Circle

Washing the Whale (With Dove)

Biden Shouldn’t Blow Off Marianne Williamson

GPT-4 Jailbreaks "Still Exist," But Much More "Difficult," Says OpenAI

GPT-4 Scores Near 90th Percentile For Bar, LSAT, SAT, And AP Exams

Tech's Perfect Storm

Congressman George Santos' Oscar Picks

We Need to Be Living Forever

Some VCs Advising Founders To Take Their Money Out Of Silicon Valley Bank

Prince Harry Shows Up In The Twitter Files

No One Knows What Gavin Newsom's Walgreens Tweet Means, Not Even His Own Office

The Myth of the Snap Drug Cartel

China Is Buying Up U.S. Military Academies And Farmland

Democracy Dies Without Chinese Espionage

Collapse Support: The Doomsday Prophets of Reddit

The Indomitable Charm of George Santos

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Covid Factory

Why Have Over 20 Percent Of Bisexuals Had Long Covid?

The Kia Boy Crime Wave

None Of The AI Text Detector Tools Work, Not Even OpenAI’s

Weird Science

It’s a chat bot, Kevin

Milk Wars

The New York Times Turns Its Back On The Far Left

The New York Times Response To The GLAAD Trans Letter

America Can't Decide What An Adult Is

Illegal Aliens

We Asked OnlyFans Creators What They're Thinking About AI-Generated Porn

Vibes in the Machine

Operation Choke Point 2.0 Is Underway, And Crypto Is In Its Crosshairs

State of the Union Open Thread

Sex and Robots

How To 'Jailbreak' ChatGPT With The DAN 5.0 Prompt

The AI-Generated, Never-Ending Seinfeld Twitch Stream, Explained

My Tweet About AI Porn Went Viral, And What It Taught Me Was Upsetting

The Twitch Creator Busted For Looking At AI Porn Of Fellow Streamers, Explained

A Quality Gentleman’s Digest

Cage The Chickens

American Futura

All of the Tweets I Deleted This Week (Sunday Open thread 1/22/23)

What Should We Do With The New Fentanyl Vaccine?

Chaos (A Future History of Artificial Intelligence)

Transmaxxing: the Incel-To-Transwoman Pipeline