the committee approved ab 316, sending it back to the senate floor, and if the senate passes it, all that's left is for governor newsom to sign the bill…
by all accounts, the metaverse has not delivered on its hype, but a recent piece in the nation does a shockingly bad job reporting on it
that's it. that's the statement.
what we know about naval's airchat, an audio-forward social app that blends features from clubhouse, snapchat, instagram, and tiktok
cherelle parker, a defender of stop-and-frisk policing, swept the majority-black neighborhoods most impacted by gun violence, beating a bernie-backed…
today's senate hearing was a somewhat nuanced discussion in which everyone present kept saying we need to regulate ai
when a string of “accidental” drownings in chicago started to seem suspicious, a tiktoker took it upon himself to investigate; millions tuned in to see…
a comprehensive list of grimes ai songs, plus everything you need to know about what she's doing with ai and music
i am a demigoddess, and you can be too // or, the unobtainable, and how to obtain it
advertisers are reacting to a bug causing ads to go way over budget while spending unproductively by shutting their spend down entirely
due to the titanic's size, and the limited visibility of the deep seal, we've only seen it in partial glimpses — until now
today's hearing on ai covered ai regulation and challenges, and the infamous open letter, which nearly everyone in the room thought was unwise