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A Requiem for the Apple Car,, and (Not) Gmail

the industry #25 // apple is sunsetting project titan, vice is closing up shop on their website, sundar responds to gemini, gmail’s false alarm, reddit’s ipo, and other tech links

Google's AI Disaster Continues

the industry 24 // the latest on gemini erasing white people from history and other tech links

Making (up) History

the industry 23 // super bowl gaslighting, the White House is on TikTok, hostile tech billionaires, tech links

Crypto Rumblings

the industry #22 // the future of crypto, mark cuban vs. Title VII, elon’s payday in jeopardy, taylor swift deepfakes, tech links

Crisis on the Red Sea

the industry #19 // ryan petersen on the unfolding global container shipping crisis, a disastrous change to the tax code for startups, carta's comms crisis, tech links

Beyond Tech's Vibe Shift

the industry #18 // the state of twitter as claudine gay 'resigns,' spotlight on gundo, AI porn dystopia evolves, tech links

IBM's Racist Hiring Scandal

the industry #17 // ibm's covid-era dei hiring practices revealed, california's budget catastrophe, even more ai doomsday grifter drama, tech links

CEOs: Over It (GFY)

the industry #16 // tech CEOs are taking back the industry, the two worst people on x are fighting (love to see it), ai covers by dead artists are proliferating, tech links

Meme Police

the industry #15 // ireland bans memes, black friday rises, canceling kindergartners, the content farms are turning on each other, go f*** yourself bob and more

"Ethics and Responsibility"

the industry #14 // nikki haley wants to arrest our sh*tposters, the problem with vivek, chatgpt is taking (upwork) jobs, tech links

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