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Google's AI Disaster Continues

the industry 24 // the latest on gemini erasing white people from history and other tech links

Making (up) History

the industry 23 // super bowl gaslighting, the White House is on TikTok, hostile tech billionaires, tech links

Crypto Rumblings

the industry #22 // the future of crypto, mark cuban vs. Title VII, elon’s payday in jeopardy, taylor swift deepfakes, tech links

Crisis on the Red Sea

the industry #19 // ryan petersen on the unfolding global container shipping crisis, a disastrous change to the tax code for startups, carta's comms crisis, tech links

Beyond Tech's Vibe Shift

the industry #18 // the state of twitter as claudine gay 'resigns,' spotlight on gundo, AI porn dystopia evolves, tech links

IBM's Racist Hiring Scandal

the industry #17 // ibm's covid-era dei hiring practices revealed, california's budget catastrophe, even more ai doomsday grifter drama, tech links

CEOs: Over It (GFY)

the industry #16 // tech CEOs are taking back the industry, the two worst people on x are fighting (love to see it), ai covers by dead artists are proliferating, tech links

Meme Police

the industry #15 // ireland bans memes, black friday rises, canceling kindergartners, the content farms are turning on each other, go f*** yourself bob and more

"Ethics and Responsibility"

the industry #14 // nikki haley wants to arrest our sh*tposters, the problem with vivek, chatgpt is taking (upwork) jobs, tech links

Deep State Trojan Horse

the industry #13 // wild GOP report on america's wide-reaching censorship apparatus, sam altman's ai-wrapper extinction event, sbf is guilty, wework is bankrupt, tech links

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