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The New Water on Mars

white pill #38 // a fda-approved handheld cancer sensor, massive martian water ice deposit, hydrofoil boat, nanoscale electromotor, insulin capsule set for human trials next year, and more

Centrifugal Force

white pill #32 // centrifuge experiment on ISS, gamma-ray hit, starship launch no. 2, mach diamonds, femtosecond lasers, pulsed fusion energy, fun stuff.

The Earth's Pulse

white pill #31 // wooden satellites, starship launch no. 2, a real-ish time promptable video-to-art generator, no-code robots, skin printing, japanese baby island

The World’s Largest Fusion Experiment Just Turned On

white pill #30 // martian lava tubes, the world's first successful eye transplant, extracting hydrocarbon energy from air, and lots of fun stuff

Definitely Watch Scavenger's Reign

white pill #29 // buried relics of theia, off-world mammalian reproduction, synthesizing hydrocarbons from thin air, airships, and notes on hbo's scavenger's reign

Techno-Optimists Only

white pill #28 // asteroid mining, a planet of rivers, a techno-optimist manifesto, electric salt, artificial skin, fun stuff

How Much Snow Does Mars Get?

white pill #27 // herculaneum scrolls, neutron star collision, laser lightning rods, ai earthquake prediction, gene therapy for deafness, cyberpunk vespa

The Possibility of a Warp Drive Narrows

white pill #26 // new CERN science on antimatter has implications for warp drives, a significant development in ai, an absolutely beautiful short film about space hotels, and more

The Future Is Starting to Look Like the Future

white pill #25 // the metaverse is back, we now have ai with eyes, ears, and voice, we've officially mined an asteroid, and we're one step closer to the electrification of the us vehicle fleet

Farming on Mars: Interview w/ Robert Zubrin

white pill #24 // interview with robert zubrin, world's first humanoid robot factory, artificial wombs update, impact crater that split a mountain in two, neuralink news, and fun stuff at the end

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