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OpenAI, the Complete Story: Corporate Giants, Religious Fanatics, and Chaos in the Heart of Tech

pirate wires #108 // sam altman fired, sam altman hired: the complete story of openAI's board disaster, breakdown of the cult that caused it, and three cheers for total corporate hegemony

Palmer Luckey Saves the World

new threats on the horizon, subterranean war and the challenge of gaza, troubleshooting the next pandemic, manufacturing, chips, trade, international contracting, and the business of defense

Moral Inversion

pirate wires #107 // when the good is called evil, and the evil called good: hamas, noble prostitutes celebrating terrorism on social media, a modern faith of total lies, and room for hope

An Inconvenient Truth

pirate wires #106 // apple's plan for carbon "neutrality," the distinction between environmentalism and combatting global warming, breaking up with the ferngully left, and back to techno utopia

Rage Against the Wooden Man

pirate wires #105 // the internet made up a group of people at a version of burning man that doesn't exist, then celebrated a catastrophe that didn't happen. it was really weird and embarrassing.

Doom Loop

pirate wires #104 // looking back on proposition c, tech's san francisco turning point, "doom loop" analysis, a well-paved path to eternal homelessness, and how to solve the crisis

A Tale of Two Karens

pirate wires #102 // the "center for countering digital hate," a little bit of barbie, and what happens when atlas (fed up soccer moms) shrug? paging karen (please come back we're sorry)

State of the Union

This is the 101st edition of the Pirate Wires newsletter, and our 300th piece to date, marking three years of stories and analysis at the intersection of technology, politics, and culture

X's Final Boss: Zuckerberg Wages War

pirate wires #100 // meta goes to war with twitter, threads' meteoric rise, a battle for the heart of amphetamine-crazed shitposters, and the future of american speech

Zuck-Elon Updates, TikTok Worries About Disinformation (lol), CA Clown Car

morning report #9 // SF fakes driverless car data and other predictably insane items out of california, amazon's vegas robotaxi launch, cocaine comeback, and a clown car of clown links

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