Super Bowl Erasure, Putin/Tucker, Jon Stewart, America's Craziest Mayor, And Kristen Stewart Photos

Are you ready for this one? Because this week is a wild ride. We start off talking about Alicia Keys’ vocal mistake at the Super Bowl and the NFL erasing all memory of it from the internet.. leading to a discussion on the Mandela Effect. We then move on to reacting to the Putin/Tucker interview while Biden holds a press conference to prove that he’s not senile. Jon Stewart returns and calls out Biden’s age. River then tells us this crazy story about Tiffany Henyard: America’s Mayor. We then follow up with right wing outrage over Kristen Stewarts androgynous photoshoot, the latest update on Twitter famous’ Ian Miles Cheong. Finally.. we wrap up with the wild news on the one and only Rachel Dolezal

Featuring Mike Solana, Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

The Enhanced Olympics Are Here, Elizabeth Warren Gaslights Inflation, & Woke Kindergarten

The Pirate Wires crew is back for your weekly podcast! This week we jump into discussing our pal, E Warren, blaming corporations for shrinkflation. Instead of.. you know.. blaming actual inflation. We are then joined by a special guest! Christian Angermayer jumps on to discuss the Enhanced Games, the sporting event where athletes can use performance enhancing drugs. We debate the pros and cons of the games and the potential downstream effects on culture. After wrapping with Christian, we move on to Woke Kindergarten that promotes protests and trans liberation. Finally, we wrap up the show talking about Kara Swisher. The tech journalist who hates the tech industry and blames white men for everything.

Mike Solana, Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

The Man Who Wants To End DEI Forever - Christopher Rufo On Claudine Gay, Tech, Racism, and Diversity

Mike Solana is joined by Christoper Rufo, writer, activist, and Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Chris has been in the headlines the past few months due to his public battle against DEI policies. Specifically, his efforts to have Harvard President, Claudine Gay, removed from her position. In this episode, we get into why Chis is on this mission, why DEI policies are so destructive, and how we can solve this issue.

Mike Solana, Christoper Rufo

Mark Cuban Falls Prey to DEI, Elon's Neuralink Is Here, & SF Police Called Over A Tupac Tweet

This week, we get into Mark Cuban's battle with a cartoon rabbit on Twitter over questionable DEI policies. Nearulink, Bryan Johnson's p**** and.. electric stoves? What do these all have to do with the aesthetics of the future? We jump into a viral 'men vs. women' political views chart. Garry Tan's tweet that has the SF supervisors clutching their pearls and police involvement. Finally, the recent societal queer cosplay by our far left citizens (particularly by women.)

Mike Solana, Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

Chris Dixon On Crypto, AI, and Why We Need Blockchain More Than Ever

EPISODE #34: Today's guest is Chris Dixon, Founder and Managing Partner at A16z Crypto. Chris is here to discuss his new book "Read Write Own: Building the Next Era of the Internet". In this episode, we get into open source internet, ownership of digital property, why Bitcoin is important, regulation in the United States, fear around centralized A.I. and the future of blockchain

Mike Solana , Chris Dixon

Media Layoffs Everywhere, Jon Stewart Is Back, Barbie Movie Shunned By The Patriarchy

EPISODE #33: Pirate Wires crew is back for the weekly Friday podcast! This week we get into the complete implosion of the media industry with layoffs at multiple companies (the same week we launched our website btw..) Jon Stewart is returning for the election.. but it doesn't quite hit the same. We react to the Bryan Johnson interview. Finally, the Barbie Oscar nomination controversy that summoned Hillary Clinton. The patriarchy strikes again..

Mike Solana, Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

DON’T DIE: Bryan Johnson On Defeating Human Aging

EPISODE #32: Bryan Johnson, Founder of Blueprint, joins us for an exclusive interview! His mission in life is DON’T DIE. In this episode, Bryan joins Mike Solana to discuss the public’s reaction to his project, his daily routine, why he’s made life extension his life’s work, and more.

Mike Solana, Bryan Johnson

Fake Nazi Story, Trump Wins Iowa & Banned Words

Your favorite pod is back for the weekly Friday episode! Mike Solana and the Pirate Wires writing crew is here to discuss the week that was. We dive into the Casey Newton fake Nazi story, the legacy media trying to control speech, The media meltdown over Trump’s win in Iowa, an absolutely insane story regarding eBay. Also, we get a little spicy. We discuss a certain word that has been removed from our vernacular and might be coming back. Finally, the vibe shift continues in the place you definitely thought it would.. RuPaul’s Drag Race! Do our PW fans watch RuPaul? Comment below...

Mike Solana, Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

Climate Change Is Over, Jewish Tunnels In NYC & SF Ends The War

The Pirate Wires crew is here for your weekly Friday podcast! This episode we get into all the latest clown world stories. Now that Greta is yay-Hamas, is the climate change fight over? Pete Buttigieg says ‘not so fast!’ as he claims that the supply chain will be disrupted by climate change.. while there’s an actual terrorist attack in the Red Sea. The Jewish tunnels in NYC brought out some of the best memes on the the internet. The complete buffoonery that is SF passing a ceasefire resolution. Don Lemon is based and on X. Which leads us to our final topic about the overton collapse and the future of news media.

Mike Solana , Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

We’re On The Brink of A Global Shipping Crisis

Special Emergency Pod! Mike Solana is joined by Ryan Petersen, Founder & CEO of Flexport, a multi-national supply chain management & logistics company. In the past month, the Yemen led Houthi movement began attacking cargo ships in the Red Sea. These attacks were prompted by the continued conflict between Israel and Palestine as a retaliation against Israel's allies. The results has been a rerouting of ships around the Suez Canal, shipping delays, and dramatic price increases. Ryan helps us break down the entire situation and addresses the fears of how this could escalate into a regional war.

Mike Solana & Ryan Petersen

The End Of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Happy New Year! The Pirate Wires crew is back! We may be in the new year, but the Claudine Gay discourse has decided ride into 2024 with us. We discuss the recent resignation of Claudine Gay from Harvard, the embarrassing (yet predictable) media response, the citizen journalism that took down Claudine, the end of DEI, and the vibe shift of race relations in the country within schools and the workplace.

Mike Solana , Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

The Pirate Wires crew is back! This week we get into bunch of controversies regarding race in America involving IBM President, Bill Ackman, & Claudine Gay. Whether you agree with them or not, we do stand by the push for free speech. We also get into the Christmas.. I mean.. Holiday Season. Company Christmas parties have replaced drinking with guac and Pickleball. Finally, River breaks down the fake holiday that we know as Kwanzaa. Packed episode!

Mike Solana , Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

Balaji & Beff Jezos Respond To Forbes Doxxing The e/acc Leader

EPISODE #26: This week on the Pirate Wires Podcast, Solana is joined by Balaji Srinivasan, and Beff Jezos. We're breaking down Beff's recent doxxing by Forbes and expose the evil ethics behind the media. We also discuss the media losing its power from tech companies, the vibe shift of CEOs, the future of e/acc, and AI concerns.

Mike Solana, Balaji, & Beff Jezos (Guillaume Verdon)

Elon Musk Tells Advertisers "Go F*** Yourself!", and Racist Football Fan

We're Back! This week on the Pirate Wires podcast, we discuss Deadspin calling a child racist for dressing up at a football game, Elon Musk's insane interview with the NYT, Ireland policing speech, UN attempting to stop meat consumption in America, the morality of having kids.. and Pirate Wires BIG week in the news!!

Mike Solana, Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

Peter Thiel On The Diversity Myth - 30 Years Later

Nearly 30 years after publishing "The Diversity Myth," Peter Thiel sits down with Mike Solana to unpack what the book got right and wrong. Thiel argues that social distractions have stunted scientific progress, slowed economic growth and weakened our geopolitical standing. How did anti-Western rhetoric popularized on college campuses in the 90s morph into the culture wars that divide our country today? How can we move past this pessimistic, hyper-political moment and continue building the future?

Mike Solana, Peter Thiel

San Francisco Ends Homelessness...For A Dictator

Packed show! San Francisco Is Clean.. because Xi came to town. Reacting the latest insurrection.. errr.. protests at the DNC. Everything from the clown world nature of it all.. to the slightly fetish element? We also review Sanjana's piece on The Dream Keeper Initiative in SF, react to Nikki Haley's attempts to ban internet anons if elected President. Solana gives his full view on why he dislikes Vivek Ramaswamy. And finally, the battle for the ages: Ben Shapiro vs. Candice Owens.

Mike Solana , Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

Palmer Luckey On Military Defense, War In Israel, & U.S. Manufacturing

Mike Solana is joined by Anduril Industries founder Palmer Luckey. Anduril is leading the way as an entirely new defense company in the United States, specializing in autonomous systems. In this episode, Palmer discusses the war in the Middle East, the future of American war, concerns over China, banning TikTok, and the production of semiconductors in the United States.

Mike Solana, Palmer Luckey

TikTok Loves Hamas, Pumpkin Spice Misogyny

This week, the Pirate Wires crew joins Solana to talk about why opinion on Israel-Palestine is so one-sided on TikTok, the "violent history" of the pumpkin spice latte, the viral Halloween candy incident, anchor babies, and Australia.

Mike Solana , Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

Marc Andreessen Tech Manifesto, Right Wing Cancel Culture

This week, the Pirate Wires crew joined Solana to discuss the tech press's reaction to Marc Marc Andreessen's techno-optimist manifesto, new developments in San Francisco's war on self-driving cars, the Hitler-loving photographer the NYT hired to cover the Israel/Palestine conflict, and cancel culture.

Mike Solana , Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

How to Save the World w/ Tim Urban

This week on the pod, Tim Urban jumps on with Solana to discuss his new book, What's Our Problem?: A Self-Help Book for Societies. Topics include mental frameworks for thinking clearly about politics, staying cool when issues become heated, the gollums of the Trump right and the social justice left, and soberly navigating Israel and Palestine in a moment of mass hysteria.

Mike Solana, Tim Urban

Terrorism and Moral Inversion

War. Hamas attacks Israel in a horrific terror attack, setting off a week of counter attacks by Israel on Gaza. On this weeks episode, the Pirate Wires crew is joined by Noah Smith to break down all of the online reactions. From the deranged left, to college campuses, to CEOs creating terror lists. We also get into Twitter (X) and Elon's role in journalism as he continues to make changes to the platform.

Mike Solana, Noah Smith, Brandon Gorrell, Sanjana Friedman

Invasion of the Non-Binaries

The Pirate Wires staff is back again for the weekly podcast. This week, we talk about recent murders of far-left activists in major cities that have caused outrageous responses online. We then get into the clown world of men pretending to be non-binary to attend a women's conference, A muslim mayor bans the pride flag, and Solana gives us the White Pill on the new face of tech after Mark Zuckerberg's interview with Lex Fridman.

Mike Solana , Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

American Cities In Crises

Liz Wolfe returns to the pod this week! We discuss looting in Philadelphia and how an Instagram influencer named "Meatball" was introduced to the world. We then get into the bizarre Republican Debates and Immigration & Migrant crises that continues in major cities. River gives a report on how Florida is the only state that can actually build a high speed rail and Sanjana deep dives into San Francisco's Millionaire Marxist, Dean Preston.

Mike Solana , Liz Wolfe, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

Destroying Statues & Wearing Shorts In Congress

This week, we are joined by Comfortably Smug! We discuss the insane politicians who hate America and want to tear down statues, the embarrassment of John Fetterman wearing shorts in Congress, the migrant crises taking over the world, and River's piece on Biden's "CHIPS Act".

Mike Solana, River Page, Comfortably Smug

We Need Nuclear NOW & Grindr Union Goes Wild

This week, the Pirate Wires crew is joined by Grant Dever, who makes the White Pill case for Nuclear Energy. Grant makes the case for nuclear and how we are making progress in the United States and around the world. Also on this episode, the Grindr Union that caused half the staff to be laid off, Zoomers Demand Work From Home, Memory Hole-ing of the insane C*vid policies, and the obsessive nature of the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd.

Mike Solana, Grant Dever, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

Trapped at Burning Man! & Elon Musk vs. ADL

In this episode, Liv Boeree joins the show to give us an on the ground, in depth report, about what really happened at Burning Man. People Trapped? Many Deaths? EBOLA?! Or maybe none of that at all. We'll also get into Elon Musk suing the ADL and the history of the group. Then we discuss Time Magazine's ridiculous cover of the top 100 in AI and Solana & Liv get into a debate around AI.

Mike Solana , Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Liv Boeree

Moon Should Be A State & California Doom Loop

John Coogan returns to the pod to join Solana in his mission to make Moon a state. We discuss how crazy it is that the U.S. never took control of Moon after successfully landing on it. Also on this episode, how billionaires and Prop C ruined San Fransisco, billionaires now leaving SF due to the homeless crises, and California's new city that the NYT can't seem to comprehend.

Mike Solana, John Coogan, Brandon Gorrell, Sanjana Friedman

Snow White Went Woke & Plane Lady Isn't Real?!

The Pirate Wires staff joins Solana this week to discuss Rachel Zegler/ Snow White, whether or not that plane lady is real, the SF homelessness crisis, and some depressing developments in the Maui wildfire story

Mike Solana, Brandon Gorrell, River Page, Sanjana Friedman

Military Defense Has Taken Over The Tech Industry

In this episode, Mike is joined by John Coogan and the Founder of Anduril Trae Stephens. We discuss the history of defense companies, how the tech startup Anduril became a player in the defense industry, the shift in opinion working with the government, and what the future of tech defense holds.

Mike Solana , John Coogan, Trae Stephens

There's A War On Self Driving Cars

The battle of self driving rages on. While companies like Waymo are producing their highest safety scores, politicians & unions are actively fighting to create anti-self driving propaganda. We review Sanjana's article "Labor’s Shadow War With Self-Driving Cars" and Lee Edwards joins us to break down all of the clown world discourse.

Mike Solana, Brandon Gorrell, Sanjana Friedman and special guest Lee Edwards

Thank God For The Atom Bomb

In this episode, Mike is joined by Kmele Foster and Trae Stephens. We break down the movie Oppenheimer, the aftermath of dropping nuclear weapons, and the discourse surrounding the film.

Mike Solana, Kmele Foster, Trae Stephens

Based and Microchipped: How RFK Took Over Politics

In this Episode, Mike & River are joined by Liz Wolfe from Reason. Liz has been deep into uncovering everything about Robert F. Kennedy's rise in the 2024 presidential election. We discuss his ascension, media censorship, where he's right about vaccines and where he goes way off the rails, why people are seeking alternative candidates, and if he's a viable candidate for the Democratic Party.

Mike Solana, River Page, and Liz Wolfe

A Fiery, But Mostly Peaceful Conversation About The Media

On this week's Pirate Wires Podcast, Mike is joined by Kmele Foster and Ben Smith to discuss the death of new media. We get into the unrealized hope for new media, how Trump changed the media landscape, "disagreements" over mostly peaceful protestors, the death of BuzzFeed and straightening of the New York Times, and the future of the media.

Mike Solana , Kmele Foster, Ben Smith

A.I. Lies & WTF is a Digital Land Acknowledgement?!

Breaking down the discource around A.I. and what everyone is getting wrong with special guest John Luttig. The insane concept of digital land acknowledgement, and the people shaping our A.I. policies in DC.

Mike Solana, River Page, John Luttig, Brandon Gorrell

We Need To Talk About Pride Month

The Pride issue: "We're coming for your children," nudity at Pride events, the politicization of the Pride flag, the forever-changing history of Stonewall, the purpose of drag, how Pride has changed over the years, and more.

Mike Solana and River Page

Everyone Lost Their Minds Over Titanic Sub, Joe Rogan & RFK Jr. Debate Science

This week in Pirate Wires: We discuss the Titanic submersible that was destroyed in a catastrophic implosion. We dig into the insane discourse surrounding the event, the de-humanization of the victims, and overwhelming hatred of the rich on the left. We also discuss the Science debate between Joe Rogan, RFK Jr. and Peter Hotez

Mike Solana, Sanjana Friedman, and Brandon Gorrell

Trump in Miami, Pythons In South Florida, Aztec Video Game

This week in Pirate Wires: on the ground at Trump’s arraignment, genetically modifying our freakish Everglade hell snakes to self-extinct themselves, and the Aztec Empire totally sucked, actually.

Mike Solana, River Page, and Brandon Gorrell