18 residents of king cove, alaska have died because they don’t have a road to the nearest all weather airport. the first native american interior…
introducing a weekly list of tweets that pirate wires staff enjoyed, all mercifully non-political or culture-warry (most of them, at least), with…
a recap of coinbase's twitter space on the wells enforcement today
six weeks later, operation chokepoint 2.0 has brought crypto to its knees… along with america’s entire financial system
the yaoi to trans pipeline exists, the real debate is over why
you can run stanford's language model on your mac with a relative few simple steps, and you don't need to be a developer to do it
tradwifes aren't about patriarchy, white supremacy, sexual fetishism, or indoctrination — it's about women staying home, a luxury most can't afford
tuesday report #8 // tech press hysterics for "AI ethicists" (professional political censors), everything you need to know about GPT-4, and the tiktok…
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